The Twelve-Storey building, situated in Accra, is the Headquarters of one of Ghana’s leading Commercial Banks, Cal Bank. The vision was to project the bank’s historic emblem on its façade, visually expressing its coreness in totem-style by exploiting the contrast in colours and the projections of its aluminium composite panels with respect to the glazed curtain wall. To realize this effect much as simultaneously guaranteeing a high thermal and acoustic performance throughout the building envelope, it was decided to install a first skin Schüco facade that would absorb all the thermal-acoustic penetrations, and then externally apply a second skin structure sustaining the boxed panels, giving it the emblemic look it was designed to have. The attention to detail and the high quality materials used enable this building to be one of the safest and most energy-efficient buildings in the city, achieving exceptional thermal-acoustic levels of comfort despite the challenging weather conditions in the region and the high traffic density in the near proximity of the premise.



CAL Bank


Accra, Ghana


Atelier SMQ


February 15, 2020


Canopy, Cladding, Doors, Façades, Windows