Tender Support:


k3 is a leader in Ghana in providing support to the commercial phases, both as the technical documentation of Tender and as customer support in the selection of products and systems to be used on a building.

We firmly believe that a transparent support in the commercial phases is fundamental for the optimal development of the project, minimizing revision interventions during the development phases and unforeseen costs and delays to the project.Below are the departments involved in the tender phases:

  • SALES CONCEPT DESIGN– the department that deals with drafting tender documents creating animations, simulations, 2D / 3D drawings and prototypes;
  • ENGINEERING– for structural, fire, seismic and energy checks;
  • SALES TECH DEPARTMENT– for the study of custom systems and technological optimizations;
  • PROTOTYPE TESTING– deals with checks on real prototypes in internal and external laboratories. We carry out safety tests, impact tests, cycle tests, aging tests, compatibility tests, fire tests, burglary tests, or other as required by the client or project;
  • ESTIMATION DEPARTMENT– for the analysis of quantities and costs;
  • PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT– to check production times and methods;
  • PURCHASING OFFICE– to identify the most suitable products on the market for each project



Design assist


The high demand of energy saving, the technical / regulatory verifications and the most advanced technologies applied to the building envelopes, have exponentially increased the planning difficulties of the building of our time. K3 Aluproducts has responded to this growing need for technical personnel to serve the customer with a “Design Assist” service.

The design assist is an advanced design service that precedes the executive phase that allows you to verify every aspect of the project. In recent years, K3 Aluproducts has supported many important projects with excellent results in terms of quality supported by a growing appreciation by designers and customers.

  • Document analysis
  • Verification of constructive regulations
  • Architectural philosophy
  • Verification of living comfort
  • Sustainibility
  • Construction drawings
  • Costs estimation