System with modular elements on site, formed by a horizontal and vertical structure with relative covering.


The stick system “mullion and transom” is the cornerstone of all curtain wall systems.

The depth of the profiles responds to almost all inertial requirements, allowing to reach 10m heights with a single span while maintaining reduced displayed aluminum, which can be even further reduced in the semi-structural version. In its evolutions the stick façade has been completed perfectly, reaching today one of the most performing systems in terms of energy and configuration.

The technical characteristics of the stick system are:

  • Possibility to have horizontal capping, vertical capping, any combination of both, or glass panels flash High adaptability to the geometry of the building, whether these are three-dimensional or inclined polygons;
  • external cladding application;
  • High inertial resistance;
  • Possibility to have integrated sunscreens;
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Stick façade projects