The idea behind the project was to have three levels of curtain wall as to create an “onion skin” effect by adapting the shape of the slabs, and implementing a supporting steel substructure invisible from the outside. The external skin is composed by a curtain walling system with “invisible” profiles, and a patchwork design that is achieved by applying glass panels of different grades of tonality. The composite panel cladding system situated at the edge of the envelope, towards the heart of the building, highlights the coreness of the intervention: an angle with a blunt plane executed with a window wall of high reflective glass intended to drive the viewer’s focus on this beautiful architectural realization. Like for 335 Place the project team required European standards for the facade performance, a detailed quality control process that would range from the design phase across the supply chain through to the installation phase, with particular attention to materials’ traceability and health & safety throughout the project lifecycle. Automation and smoking vents are present on all floors.


ERIS Property


Accra, Ghana


Boogertman + Partners


February 16, 2020


Cladding, Façades, Windows